Novinari i Međunarodni krivični sud

During the project, Mediacenter Sarajevo searched more than 100,000 evidentiary materials from the ICTY court file database.


Fighting a Flood of Disinformation in the Western Balkans
Hilma Unkic
To reduce the impact of disinformation, civil society organizations across the region work to...
Regional documentaries on media and journalism you must watch: What makes a good documentary? By: Mirza Ajnadžić  Film theoretician Bill Nichols wrote of six types of documentaries—poetic, expository, reflexive, observational, performative, and participat
Mirza Ajnadžić
Mirza Ajnadzic recommends documentaries that explore the work of journalists and the struggles they...
Hans Staiger, novinar (1949 – 2023)
Boro Kontić
He had a special, almost religious attitude to journalism.