media freedom

Finland — a utopia for journalists

Finland has a diverse media market, good laws, a transparent government and independent journalists.

Can Dündar, for a transnational journalism

Journalist and chief editor of Turkish newspaper Cuhmuriyet, was sentenced to five years in prison for revelation of state secret.

Political Pressures, Economic Insecurity Biggest Threats to Media Freedom in Balkans

A regional survey in the Balkans on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day.

Macedonia’s 'Sorosoids' and Govt Propaganda

As the protests become fiercer, the hate speech is on the rise in Macedonian media, especially in those close to the authorities.

Between bad working conditions and redundancy

The grim situation of Serbian media workers.

Resursni centar: Platforma za razmjenu sadržaja o slobodi medija

In order to ease spreading of useful information and contents on media freedoms in Europe, Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso and European Centre for Journalists and Media Freedom, developed a new online platform - the Resource Centre.

Election coverage in Turkey

In stead of constitutionally guaranteed media freedoms, Turkish journalists suffer attacks and pressures.

Freedom from expression

While this year’s country reports by the European Commission on enlargement countries highlight some successes in other areas, the verdict on freedom of expression is overwhelmingly negative.

Genetski modificirani mediji

The Speak Up conference in Brussels once again cautioned about the dramatic difficulties faced by media in the West Balkans and Turkey.

Sloboda štampe u Turskoj

What is a 25 year-old journalist with a double major doing in the same prison as ISIL militants?


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