Magazin: Recommendations

Novinari protiv dezinformacija: Kako promovisati kvalitetno novinarstvo na društvenim mrežama

As an answer to “fake news”, more visibility of quality journalism is needed.

Izvještaj: Krizno izvještavanje u zemljama jugoistočne Europe

SEENPM published six country reports and a regional overview of crisis reporting.

Journalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Self-censorship, low wages and political pressures

Intimidation, low wages and threats are some of the issues journalists face.

Moving Stories: International Review of How Media Cover Migration

An international report on media and the global migration and refugee crisis is issued today to coincide with International Migrants Day (December 18).

Brochures "Understanding the Meaning of and Risks to Media Integrity"

Presenting a definition of media integrity and an inventory of risks to media integrity across four risk areas.