O Mediacentru - Projekti


The project " Reinforcing the role of media in addressing the climate emergency " has been launched with the aim of improving public awareness of climate change in the Western Balkans region.


The primary focus of a three-year project “Our Media” is on strengthening capacities of CSOs, media professionals, young activists and citizens to improve their understanding of trends and challenges regarding media development and sustainability, media freedom and media integrity in the Western Balkans and Turkey.


In partnership with Transitions from Prague, Mediacentar continues to carry out activities to strengthen local support structures for developing media literacy of children, their parents and caregivers, journalists, and all other persons who provide additional professional support to parents in educating children.


The project will map and analyse the main disinformation and propaganda narratives affecting free and fair elections in BiH, and advise on advocacy and other responses.


The project "Youth for Better Media" is implemented by Mediacentar Sarajevo in partnership with CSO JaBiHEU funded by European Union, dedicated to the development of an innovative approach to strengthening independent media in Bosnia and Herzegovina and improving media literacy.